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In today’s changing corporate environment, HR has to continuously improve the efficiency of both the strategic focus and the administrative services simultaneously. The practice of outsourcing involves partnering an organization with external providers to provide one or more business services. Outsourcing varies from one organization to another where some may choose to outsource their whole HR processes while other organizations may select a specific practice to outsource such as learning and development, payroll or recruitment.

How can we collaborate together and assist you in this?

Evsust can help you increase your HR activities efficiency, reduce cost, have access to HR expertise and increase the capacity of your HR function to operate strategically through providing outsourcing solutions. Our HR outsourcing services can help you better optimize your talent management, reduce cost, and improve your organization’s performance efficiency and productivity.  Our suite of HR outsourcing services include:


  • Recruitment & Selection;
  • Workforce Administration;
  • Compensation & Benefits;
  • Performance Management;
  • Training & Development;
  • Employee Data Management;

Partnering with Evsust to outsource your HR activities can you help you ease your work and free up your organization of trouble giving you access to knowledge, skills, quality and cost reduction.


For further details and more information about our approach and how can we collaborate together in outsourcing your whole HR processes or a specific HR process, please approach us at info@evsust.com or alternatively do not hesitate to call us on +971 4 311 6671 where we will be at your service and will be glad to work with you.