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How can we get to the top of the mountain? How to accomplish extraordinary things? How can leaders go deeper and sustain substantial improvement across the whole organization?

We at EVSUST offer HR consulting solutions, leadership and management development programs, retail banking skills development, customer service, and marketing and sales development programs tailored to develop your people skills accommodating variety of frameworks and models for this purpose. Our services will be conducted through meticulous analysis of problems, identification of objectives, professional design, execution, delivery and evaluation.


More About Us

To shape the future of professional, trusted and innovative HR & Training solutions to every enterprise in the region.


Tapping upon the unfulfilled potential of your talent, TOGETHER.

To partner with our clients to achieve substantial and sustainable improvement to become an employer of choice.

We partner with clients from public and private sector organizations to identify their unique business opportunities, anticipate or create opportunities that you need help with today or tomorrow to transform their organization.

Our values of integrity, professional competence and due care, professional behaviour, trust and quality of delivery and execution are driving our behaviours.


We are committed to establishing strong relationships with our partners being straightforward and honest in all our professional relationships with our clients.




Our Value Proposition

Organization Effectiveness
Tailored HR and Learning & Development solutions adopting the best fit approach
Abilities and capabilities building
Achieving Event Sustainability of HR activities

Impact of values on our Behaviours

Putting the clients’ interest in the first place and ahead of ours
Striving hard to achieve best results with the highest standards
Demonstrating professionalism at all time
Commitment & Dedication to offer superior service at all times
Engaging & empowering your talent to drive results
Creating substantial and sustainable performance improvement